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Oceania Scientific Services values innovation, entrepreneurship, creativity and critical thought.

Australia’s most innovative provider of PhD-qualified consultants engaged in and enriching fields within the Natural Sciences.

Oceania Scientific Services offers PhD-qualified consultants, researchers and educators from Natural Science backgrounds. Delivering Data Insights, Developmental Editing, Research and Education Services to clients across Australia and South-East Asia. We connect with Australian and international clients using a combined approach of on-site visits, private remote consultations and online video conferences.

Business founder’s Dr Amanda Neilen and Daniel Borombovits partner with government, universities, research groups and businesses to advance fields within the Natural Sciences. Reflection on their contributions to the international literature spurred on their joint interest in information on the Natural World from the view point of to Measure and Interpret. These valuable ideas formed the nucleus of Oceania Scientific Services.

The business offers two key streams of services, classified under their appropriate Research department names; Design Science (to measure) and Quantitative Ecology for ICE (to obtain meaning from the generated measurments). The Department of Design Science aims to contribute works on the theory, design and fabrication of scientific sensors and detectors, with an emphasis on optical imaging systems. However, numerical values should not be confused with insights. The Department of Quantative Ecology for ICE works to apply numerical and statistical approaches towards extracting ecologically-relevant mechanisms and processes from complex environments.

In a world overflowing with data, new ideas are needed to swim though the sea of numbers.

Aligned with achieving their vision to quantify and provide insight to the Natural World, Oceania Scientific Services offers clients are range of consultation options with respect to collection, analyses and communication for their project, academic and/or research needs. Their PhD-qualified experts offer Research Design and Statistical Consultation, Developmental Editing, Reporting and Education Services such as tutoring, workshops and lectures in a range of Scientific areas.

What unites is Our Essence, and how we do it is Our Principals.

Our Essence

Our Principals

Meet the Founders

Statistician and Biogeochemist

Dr Amanda Neilen is a principal scientist at Oceania Scientific Services, with over ten years’ experience in applied statistics to the areas of biogeochemistry, water science and environmental management. Her passion for analytics and statistics has produce numerous high level advances in the fields of freshwater ecology, catchment processes, environmental science and agriculture.

Dr Neilen offers lectures in Science, Research design and Quantitative methods at Universities across Australia and South-East Asia. She contribute online coaching in Statistics, Data management and R workshops.

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Dr Amanda Neilen

Principal Scientist

Developmental Editor and Design Scientist

Daniel Borombovits


Daniel Borombovits is the principal editor at Oceania Scientific Services. Daniel prepared his Doctorate in Applied Physics with specialist skills in design science, optics and geophotonics. He has collaborations and international publications in the fields of instrument development and application, geomorphology, archaeology, fluvial catchment processes and environment.

His research has contributed to the award of the prestigious Australian Museum Eureka Prize in 2017 (Environment and Heritage), and numerous awards for scientific writing and conference presentations.

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Australian Government Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority

Australian Institute of Marine Science

Lake Baroon Catchment Care Group

 Seqwater local water authority

 University of the Sunshine Coast

The University of Queensland ( UQ )

Griffith University

Australian Rivers Institute

Central Queensland University ( CQU )

Southern Cross University ( SCU )

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