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Global provider of Scientific and Technological Advances

As a global provider of scientific and technological advances, we connect and collaborate with clients using a combined approach of on-site visits, sophisticated-designer meeting rooms, and remotely using document sharing and video conferencing. Oceania Scientific Services is run from several start-up precincts around Australia and, more recently, in Asia. Our PhD-qualified academics are constantly challenged and stimulated using shared workspaces consisting of hot desks and dedicated offices, set in idealist locations. Co-working spaces reduce overheads and this allows for a substantial cost-saving for Oceania Scientific Services clients. Selecting to work in architecturally-designed, high-tech work-environments allows our researchers to develop into entrepreneurs and innovators, this strengthens our impact and contributions to economic growth.


Productivity Centers

Cairns and Far North Queensland

Great Barrier Reef
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Noosa and the Sunshine Coast

South-East Queensland

Mt. Eliza on the Mornington Peninsula

Connecting with Melbourne


Technology Centers


Industry, business and government

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Collaborations under Development


Collaborations under Development


Insights into the Double Trifecta of Locations


Developing the business model for Oceania Scientific Services revealed two very important aspects when it came to location selection.

Cost-saving and knowledge-building.

Keeping these two aspects in mind, Co-founders Dr Neilen and Borombovits quickly realized that no single location could deliver everything they needed and instead it was better establish and operate their remote-based business from a selection of strategically selected locations. They categorized these locations into Productivity Centers and Technology Centers. This produced the line-up of established locations were Oceania Scientific Services is operated from today.


Productivity Centers

Three base locations were selected with the goal of enhance productivity thus increase cost-saving.

  • Cairns City and Far North Queensland
  • Noosa Heads, on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland
  • Mornington Peninsula, located East of Melbourne

Selecting for strategic locations based on; Community demographics, Environmental integrity, Accessibility to coastal and marine areas and Modern infrastructure. It is well established that productivity is maximum when lifestyle quality such as diet, exercise and mindfulness are enhanced. Lifestyle focused locations provide an excellent opportunity to collaborate with academics and students associated with rural Australian Universities.

Technology Centers

Smart cities power by innovative, scientific discoveries and inventions were selected for as locations for knowledge-building.

  • Perth, Western Australia
  • Singapore
  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Three modern, technologically advanced cities were selected as business growth, expansion and collaboration hubs. Connecting with global entrepreneurs and innovators, access to well-connected international airports, alongside a emphasis on multiculturalism ensures development. An emphasis remains in place to consult with clients remotely, however being based in a Technology Center, adds scientific value to our clients projects.


The Quest for Opportunities in International Research Collaboration

A focus for Oceania Scientific Services is to establishing international research collaboration from business and academic sectors in North America, China and Central Europe. We welcome inquires and proposal.

Research and Innovation Strategy to expand towards Europe, America and Asia, with selected focus four key locations.

Budapest, Central Europe

University of Maryland

University of California, Berkeley, California

Tsinghua University, Beijing, China