Drone Services

Drones on standby, ready to capture aerial image, video and multispectral data


High resolution aerial image, video and multi-spectral data capture services. We are licensed to fly drones in Cairns and Tropical North Queensland. Ready to capture video, photograph or multi-spectral imagery over horticultural areas, vegetative zones, mangrove systems, river systems, riparian areas, shorelines, bays, reefs and more. At Oceania Scientific Services your consultation will result in a detailed flight plan for optimized data acquisition. In addition, we offer 3D mapping services and customer outputs suited to your precise requirements.

Hire a professional, licensed drone operator

  • Doctor qualified (PhD in fields encompassing Science, Physics, Optical Imaging and Spatial Science)
  • CASA Certified Remote Pilot License (RePL)
  • Radio operator certificate (ROC)
  • Professional photographer and videographer
  • Expert in image processing and optical systems

Safety rules and requirements apply to flying drones commercially. Do not get caught out using a drone without the correct license. Our operators are certified by the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) to operate commercially with a Remote Pilot License (RePL) (also known as an unmanned aerial vehicle license). Clients in Cairns and Far North Queensland can rest assured knowing that all laws and regulations surrounding their data aquisition have been met. Oceania Scientific Services is the only local service operating from Cairns City and assisting clients from all around the regional area.

Aerial Photography
From $1700Drone image capture service
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Aerial Videography
Stunning 4k Video
From $3200Capture, Edit and Enjoy
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Multispectral Data
Agriculture and vegetation surveys
From $4700The Right Perspective
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Why use a Scientist?

You will always be provided with the correct data, that is because the licensed drone operators at Oceania Scientific Services are scientists. We live and breath data acquisition and processing protocols. Our expertise means we know the right questions to ask you to ensure the best outcome. By selecting Oceania Scientific Services, our Cairns clients can rest assured we know simple and effective methods to ensure the best possible data is captured. From selecting the optimal flight conditions and flight plans designed to suit your needs, we have you covered.

Oceania Scientific Services provides aerial photography, aerial video and data capture services for Cairns and North QLD customers ~ We are your first choice in Drone Operators!