Secondary Data

Consultants available to assist in the acquisition of freely available data to supplement commercial and academic research


Alternative Data Sources provide a freely available data (at no to low cost). These sources of data can instantly add value to your project.

What is Secondary Data?

Primary Data consists of values collected directly collected by the researcher, whereas Secondary Data consists of values collected by others. For instance, this may include researchers at Universities, scientists working at Government research organizations, Citizen Scientists and more.

Reliability and Usefulness?

The reliability and usefulness of Secondary Data depends on what was collected, how it was collected and how it is organized. The meta data supplied with freely available data-sets will detail this information. However, the usefulness for your project will depend upon the cohesion of the spatial and temporal scale of the data you have already collected to scale of the Secondary Data. That is why our experts will advise you if it is possible to add value to your project via these freely available portals.

Common Data Formats?

Raw data comes in many forms. Common examples include Excel .csv files, ESRI Shape file format and tiff images. However, Secondary Data comes in all these raw formats and is often accompanied with easier to interpret formats including publications, info-graphics, charts and storyboards.

What does a freely available data or Secondary Data repository look like?

Examples of Data Portals;



Information – The Destination of Numbers and Facts

Information assists people in decision making. The correct information ensures these important decisions improve the economy, society and the environment. Information is derived from facts interpreted from quantitative or qualitative data. The journey between Question and Actionable Answers requires careful planning at each stage. Oceania Scientific Services offers specialist expertise in the fields of Design Science (Sensor and Instrument Design, Modification and Fabrication) and Quantitative Ecology (Data-driven statistical and numerical solutions).  We understand that data simply reflects the measured values collected, we transform values into facts.

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