Reporting and Project Completion


Oceania Scientific Services offers clients a range of Environmental Reporting services. We excel in data, statistics and communication. We offer simple to complex data processing, data descriptions, data visualisation, routine and multivariate statistics and numerical modelling approaches to summaries your dataset.


Scientific Expertise

Our Reporting Services covers a range of Environmental Reporting areas from Ecological and Biodiversity Reports pertaining to vegetation, fauna, catchment health, waterways and marine systems to Chemical Compliance Reporting regarding threshold values for compounds present in air, water and soil samples. 

Insightful Reports

As a local Australian business, we understand and support our client’s legal and voluntary reporting obligations. The team at Oceania have experience with environmental planning and protection legislation and reporting requirements relevant to the State and Federal Governments. We know how to assist clients in preparing Annual Compliance Reports, Environmental Assessments and Project Completion Reports. Effortlessly combining a systematic approach to meeting your Reporting Requirements with robust, statistical methods to ensure the data you collected contributes to an insightful and useful Final Report.  Email Dr Neilen Click Here

Project Completion Services

Assisting time-poor academics and businesses in project completion by providing flexible solutions for data handling, visualization, analyses and interpretation. Oceania Scientific Services can transform data into the actionable answers you are search for. The team provide statistical expertise and developmental editing packages to suits all needs. Assistance is available from paper synthesis, technical editing to preparation of manuscripts for journal submission. Contact us today to find out more about the services we offer to cover all your project completion needs.

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Oceania Scientific Services offer consultations at every stage of your project

Stage 1/ Formalization of Research Questions and Data Collection

In the primary stages, we will engage in creative discussions working with you and your team to formulate the research question/s that would have the biggest impact on benefit your project or business.

Research Design

Stage 2/ Data Visualisation, Statistical and Numerical Services

Have data? This second stage we will revisit your primary research questions and objectives to ensure we have the correct raw data (information). Depending upon your needs we can advise on complementary data acquisition from private and freely-available data sources. Statistical consultant is completed as an iterative process, systematically summarizing and extracting meaning from your data. This approach ensure you understand and are comfortable with the numerical techniques applied to your data. Simple and comprehensive interpretation of your results will be provided, commonly alongside alternative and complementary methods when possible. We transform your raw data into actionable outcomes! The statisticians at Oceania Scientific Services have experience with a broad range of statistical and mathematical methods, applied  in the areas of agriculture, primary industries and environmental science.

Data Analyses

Stage 3/ Developmental Editing Services

World-class editing service are available for scientific information papers, academic manuscripts, business reports and government reports.

Developmental Editing