Statistical Consultancy

Raw Data Converted to Actionable Insights




The expert team at Oceania Scientific Services offer statistical consultants for businesses, academic researchers, government and non-for profit organizations. Let us take care of your Environmental Data Reporting! We will convert your raw data into valuable insights and produce recommendations for actionable outcomes. In other words, we translate numbers to actions! For businesses this means increased profits, and researchers this means high-quality outputs and publications. The expanse of our capacity is evident as we help agribusiness understand their crops, chemists improve their formulas and developers quantify their impact.

  • Science & Biotechnology
  • Water Quality
  • Disturbance and Construction
  • Ecology and biodiversity
  • Agribusiness & Farming
  • Tourism & Sustainability
  • Development
  • Fisheries & Marine
  • Conservation & Ecology

The team at Oceania Scientific Services provide data-driven solutions to clients

Solutions to Complex Problems

Our consultation services range from data collection protocols to in-depth statistical analyses and predictive model development. We have the data solution you need. We are here for your Environmental Data Validation, Visualization and Reporting. We ascertain actionable outcomes from your research or business data using exploratory, descriptive and predictive analyses in alignment with your aims and questions.

Data Consultation
Instant advice on your data!
From $99Expert Advice and Simple Solutions
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Tables and Figures
Simple Summaries
From $250Simple and Clear Outputs
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Spatial Analyses
Remote sensed imagery, GIS and modelling
From $800The Right Perspective
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Data-driven scientists, moreover, the “Data Whispers” are your first choice for data consultants.


¬†We will provide you with a greater level of understanding of your system, be it crop production, soil erosion, land-use classifications and more… and deliver prompt results remotely via. online video calls, file sharing and email.

Environmental Consultancies benefit from our compliance services for environmental data validation, quality control and QA/QC. We challenge you to outsource the statistics part of your project.

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