Developmental Editing

The Editor at Oceania Scientific Services understands the exacting requirements for academic writing, dissertation and thesis production, and high-quality publication in high-impact journals.

We can help simplify this process by offering a world-class editing service specializing in:

  • Journal articles for international publication

  • Full Thesis and Chapters editing (Doctorate level)

  • Post-graduate dissertation (Masters level)

  • General academic, scientific research and technical editing

  • English language editing (ESL/TESOL/IELTS)

Insightful Reports

Scientific communication in the language of your audience. Be it an Environmental Compliance Report, scientific manuscript for a specialist audience or information sheets for the general public, the Editor at Oceania Scientific Services ensures the final output will be formulated to suite your readership! Email Dr Borombovits Click Here


We offer three levels of editing service based on the level of collaboration with the editor and specific manuscript requirements, as detailed below. All manuscripts are proofread including spelling, punctuation, grammar, as well as a detailed cross-check of references. In addition, copy editing of language and structure is available for improved clarity, along with stylistic and formatting preparation of the manuscript for publication in target journal.

Our premium editing service offers content editing for improved logic and flow, including subject and technical editing, language accuracy and synthesis of argument. This service also includes multiple-round editing support throughout the publication process, including draft editing, pre-submission review and word-limit reduction (up to 20%), and post-submission communication with journal including response to editor and peer-review comments.

We also offer language assistance for English speaking presentations and conference coaching by request.

Basic Editing

Proofreading service for spelling, punctuation and grammar.

Reference cross-check.

Simple, fast and affordable.

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Advanced Editing
Proofreading + Copy Editing

Copy editing of language, terminology and structure for improved clarity.

Journal formatting, selection and submission.

Proofreading for manuscript publication.

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Premium Editing
Proofreading + Copy Editing + Content Editing

Content editing for improved logic and flow, including subject and technical editing, language accuracy and synthesis of argument. Multiple-round editing support including draft editing, pre-submission review, and response to peer-review comments and post-submission communication.

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Manuscript Editing Services

Native English-speaking professional editing ensures our client’s research is complete, technically accurate and ready for presentation and/or publication to an international standard.

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We strive to offer the highest quality service including:

  • Quick turnaround
  • Excellent communication throughout the editing process
  • Affordable costs and on-time delivery
  • Highest level of editing standard
  • Fully confidential service, with all manuscripts receiving a signed confidentiality agreement