Cairns Tutoring

Tutoring Services available for Cairns University students

Oceania Scientific Services academics are passionate about delivering the tips and strategies for Carins students to succeed in their study goals.

Cairns students can take advantage of our tutoring services available for R programming, data management, experimental design, statistics, applied mathematics and logical reasoning. Our highly-qualified scientists’ (PhD and above) understand the frustrations often associated with learning, applying and mastering new information. This is why our teaching methods are crafted to combine creativity with rigor. We ensure our content is tailored to meet the requirements of your degree and career goals.

  • Statistics
  • Science
  • Marine Science
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Academic Writing Skills
  • Mathematics
  • Calculus
  • Modelling

University preparation sessions are available for James Cook University (JCU) and Central Queensland University (CQU) students. Live, online tutoring sessions via Zoom are an easy way to get a head start to 2020!

Cairns Students are offered three main streams of our educational services:

Online Courses
Learn R Now
From $5.5 Support materials provided for online clips

In Person
Private Tutoring in Cairns City
From $85 Designed for University Students
Online one-on-one
Private Tutoring
From $65 Designed for University Students


University Students can excel in careers with educational support from Oceania Scientific Services. Our scientists (PhD and above) are highly knowledgeable in Academic Writing, Statistics, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Ecology, Environmental Science and more. They have applied knowledge to bring learning to life. A private online tutoring session is a powerful way to quickly and effectively clarify key concepts required to succeed in your studies or research career.