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Welcome to your journey into quantitative clarity!

Thank you for booking a Private Tutorial Session with one of our scientists!

The team at Oceania Scientific Services are highly knowledgeable in data-analytics and statistics. You will soon be connected with an academic who has will bring learning to life.









Time Allocation
Online one-on-one
45 min sessionLearn and Understand


Private Tutoring
Online one-on-one
From $65 Required 48 h before your session

Set-up 30 min before you session

In the time leading up to your session please make sure you have:

  • Organized your workspace
  • Loaded R and Microsoft Word
  • Prepared your Learning Materials
  • Plugged in your computer
  • Turn-off your distractions (TV, phone ect)
Start Session

Five min before you session start time please connect with your tutor via the link below. 

Click on this link or the Zoom icon to start your 45 min Tutoring Session.

For special circumstances with prior arrangement, use the link below;

While you wait…

Get started in the R Statistical Computing Environment

Follow these steps to setup R. Having trouble? We can do this together in your first session.

1st Visit: The Comprehensive R Archive Network (CRAN) and Download R:

2nd Visit: R Studio Code Editor and Download RStudio:

3rd Set-up your R folder

4th Install: It is important to install first R (e.g. R-3.5.1-win.exe) and second R Studio (e.g. RStudio-1.1.463.exe) onto you computer. In that order.

5th Open: RStudio and create a new R script (File > R Script).

6th Set Working Directory: To keep you work organized, set-up R to save your scripts into the folder you made earlier. You can type in the folder address using the setwd() command, or use the drop down menu (Session > Set Working Directory > Choose Directory…).

Want to Learn more about Data Analysis while you wait for your session to start?