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Online face-to-face tutorial session on subject matter related to statistics, R, data analysis, experimental design for data analysis, data acquisition, numerical methods, modelling and more.


Private Tutorial in Topics Related to R and Data Analysis

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Our scientists are highly knowledgeable in data-analytics and statistics. They have applied knowledge to bring learning to life. A private online tutoring session is a powerful way to quickly and effectively clarify key concepts required to succeed in your studies or research career.

Undergraduate students benefit from these sessions evenly spread over the semester, as they clarify what is learnt each week in their studies. In addition, a tutorial may be useful to catch-up on key concepts before your exam.

Postgraduate students benefit from tutorial sessions when they are early in their degree, and would like to learn R, statistics, numerical methods and how apply the correct data methodologies to their project. Please note: Insufficient time or interest towards learning statistics? Statistical Consultations are charged at the consultation rate, and require author acknowledgment for contribution towards manuscripts.

Early Career Researchers know you subject area and have data, but still feeling unsure on your statistical knowledge? Learn the bits you need to feel confident in your own data analysis.


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