Research Departments

Oceania Scientific Services invests in research, development and collaborative research projects to improve the scientific understanding of Natural Systems. Our original scientific contributions provide economic and social benefits for Australian primary industries (agribusiness and agriculture) and to Australian people via improvements to Ecosystems.


Our ecological framework for research is divided into two key departments;

Department of Design Science

The Department of Design Science focuses on the development of innovative systems to quantify the natural world. Remote and in-house ventures are explored using research from the areas of Applied Physics, Environmental Science, and Engineering.

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Department of Quantitative Ecology for ICE (Inland and Coastal Ecosystems)

The Department of Quantitative Ecology for Inland and Coastal Ecosystems focuses on integrating data across temporal and spatial scales to solve complex problems. Data-driven narratives are uncovered and communicated to an international audience.

Nutrients and Productivity

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Natural World Research



Collaborative Research Projects and Partnerships

The field of Environment Science is advancing as computation techniques in extrapolation, systems modeling, predictive statistics and big data allow researchers to draw useful insights from opportunistic datasets. Our researchers are actively involved with numerous international collaborations for Research and Development (Instrument Development) and Quantitative Ecology. Collaborative projects are highly valued by Oceania Scientific Services. Through partnerships and networking opportunities, Oceania Scientific Services researchers produce realistic, actionable-outputs ready for implementation and high level scientific outputs. Project completion services are available. Quickly and effectively our consultants are able to convert your data into actionable outputs. Talk to our scientists who can assist you in sharing your data and the findings from your dataset with the scientific community as an original research scientific paper.

Innovation and Design Science for Environmental Instrumentation

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