Design Science

The Department of Design Science focuses on the development of innovative systems to quantify the natural world. Applying systematic and formalized design methodologies, the Scientists at Oceania Scientific Services focus their research towards economic designs, functional performance and reliability in instrument research and development. Combining Applied Physics, with  environmental science, architecture, engineering, computer science to create novel instruments and detectors with capabilities to measure select physical parameters present in the natural world. Significant research outcomes from Oceania Scientific Services are presented in the form of innovation patents, standard patents and Original Research Papers in key international journals.


Key Research Focus Areas

Instrument development to gain an ecological understanding of current and historic environments. We aim to advance Science and Technology using an integrated approach from the fields of Applied Physics, Engineering and Environmental Science, to overcome analytical challenges.

The research contribution of Oceania Scientific Services works towards global R&D capable of providing innovative solutions to challenging scientific questions on resource management, conservation and ecological balances. Read More About Dr Borombovits Click Here

Instrument Development

Applied to Study Soil and Water Samples

Systems Calibration

Performance Optimization for Accurate and Precise Readings

Confidence in data from newly developed instruments is paramount to reliably substantiating ecological theories. Systems Calibration research delivers credibility and performance optimization of new and existing instruments.

Applying rigorous testing, calibration and refinement cycles underpin our approach to system evaluation. Through the development and optimization of measurement protocols our researchers work towards eliminating and reducing instrument bias. This philopshy works towards ensuring accurate, repeatable and reliable measurements of natural systems.

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Innovation in Optical Imaging Systems and instrument architecture is a key research focus for the Department of Design Science. By harnessing a comprehensive understanding and synthesis of photonics, optomechanical engineering and multispectral imaging techniques, our researchers aim to improve system performance.

Recent published works utilized the enhanced spatially-resolved detection capabilities of such systems to accurately quantify the faint spectral emissions from single grains of quartz, with applications in Geophotonics and Luminescence Dating.

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Optical Imaging Systems

Instrument Development for Optical Sources, Detectors and Systems