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Detail in a word or five your objective. Common responses to this question include words related to - understand mechanisms or processes, forecast a trend, optimize growth, maximize sales, describe key parameters ect.
Our specialist team can quickly look at your data and report only the highlights that immanently 'jump' out. Alternatively, they can thoroughly explore your data-set using a range of statistical tools. However, "time is money" and we need to know how much time you would like us to put into your project.
* you must supply some of your own data.
Additional services allowing you to view your data analyzed within its larger context (e.g. local or regional setting).
Your data will determine what output is most appropriate. However, you may already have an idea of the types of output you are looking for. These images are just a super simple representation of the types of common graphical outputs used to summaries data. Please click all images to show the types of outputs you are interested in. This will assist us in structuring our future meeting on what is possible and what is appropriate.
We work with all clients to ensure a timely output. Before commencing your project time is taken to ensure clear objectives. Our experts maximize output efficiency to reduce your costs and provide you with fast answers. Additional charges are required for late bookings. For example, the minimum time from booking is 14 d for short projects (under 10 h). To reduce the turn-around to 7 d, please select Express Service, or to reduce it to 4 d select the Urgent Service.
Hypothesis testing is used when you are interested seeing 'if' there is a difference.
These type of analyses are often required when you are interested in 'what' or 'how' type of questions. This type of testing may not be possible with your data, however, your answer to this question will provides the team with an estimation of the type of communication you are looking for.
Spatial questions all related to 'where'.
*contribution time towards international journal authorship is provided free of charge with any report output package.
Option and can be requested towards the end of the project.