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At Oceania Scientific Services, our Sunshine Coast based spatial scientists are experts at producing high-quality maps and spatial products for businesses and academics alike. From buffering a riparian area, calculating flow accumulation pathways, to detecting change in vegetation cover, we a quick and effective at acquiring data-sets in South-East Queensland and more. We can produce maps to answer your spatial research questions related to the reservoirs, national parks, sediment and tailing discharge and marina areas around.

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Our specialist team can quickly look at your data and report only the highlights that immanently 'jump' out. Alternatively, they can thoroughly explore your data-set using a range of statistical tools. However, "time is money" and we need to know how much time you would like us to put into your project.
We work with all clients to ensure a timely output. Before commencing your project time is taken to ensure clear objectives. Our experts maximize output efficiency to reduce your costs and provide you with fast answers. Additional charges are required for late bookings. For example, the minimum time from booking is 14 d for short projects (under 10 h). To reduce the turn-around to 7 d, please select Express Service, or to reduce it to 4 d select the Urgent Service.